About us

About us:
a platform for knowledge and intellectual excellence
    We are a promising educational platform which offers a resourceful guidance for visitors. We make a huge focus on ambitious and passionate participants who seek intellectual progress. Furthermore, we have a unique vision which is granting us a leading position and a distinct role among other educational platforms, our platform works to build knowledge bridges and opens up large portals for virtual communication between visitors. It also builds on its core goals to enrich intellectual experiences and turn them into a cultural product that adds to the human overall intellectual achievement. We make use of flexible mechanism and inspiring premises. Thus, we were able to build a strong portal that supports excellence, boosts energies, and encourages genius in the Arab world. .
our mission:
    Our mission is to open new horizons for young people with expertise and talent to invest their skills and share them with the largest number of users.  We combine noble purpose and professionalism in presenting content and embodying the users' visions. We also aim to grant opportunities for subscribers to expand income and invest supporting their income. We will help you exchange experiences and perspectives through the platform forum; It is an intellectual space for meaningful scientific discussion.
Our vision stems from the renewed need for targeted media and intellectual channels and investment of expertise, a field that has not had a chance of development in the Arab world. Our vision is to win the leadership, so that we will be the strongest educational platform in the Arab world by adopting international standards. We also aspire to integrate within our platform talented youth and boost their energies. We look forward to take advantage of unique experiences and turn them into a concrete and rich intellectual production.
Our services:
Our platform includes the following sections:
-Educational courses
-Commission marketing.
-Discussion Forum.
It should be noted that subscribers can benefit from 10% of the revenue as commission on every browser who logs in and requests the course, and that commission enables you to get a real investment opportunity.
Our strengths:
We are an official registered Jordanian company under number  56157. It is a limited liability company which belongs to ‘Durub Al Mostaqbal’ major group  established and owned by Dr. Allaith Asous We represent a platform for creation and inspiration to facilitate the educational process. We carry our unique touch and distinct vision in supporting education through the following strengths:
-Keeping pace with the highest standards and modern global mechanisms.
Unique vision.
- A team of world class experts who manage the site and supervise the periodic development of the content and accommodate the needs of visitors.                                               

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