Frequently Asked Question

Is coursetac platform safe?

Absolutely YES. Please look to our privacy and terms.

How I guarantee my rights in

We guarantee your rights 100% in the site, please visit terms.

What are the violations that causing suspension of my account?

Any violation of the site policy, the sharing of course content, or the participation in the forum is contrary to the site policy, see terms.

What is the percentage of from sold courses?

The instructor gets 75% of the course’s price, and if he marketed himself through our affiliate marketing program link, 10% will be added to it, while the site only takes 15-25%, and there are no complications for that.

What is the Coursetac affiliate program?

It is a financially rewarding program for everyone who wants to market a commission to the site or any training course, whether the marketer is the trainee or the teacher who owns the course, and this is done by going to: Options - Student dashboard - Bottom of the page - Get 10% commission from every purchase - Copy the link and publish it wherever you want (review our terms please), and you will always get 10% of each course purchase.

What are the purchasing methods available on the Coursetac website and how do they take place?

After registering on the site, you go to the dashboard - deposit (you can choose the appropriate payment method for you PayPal or credit card) - put the amount to be deposited - click deposit “3% of the value of the amount deposited will be deducted for payment gateways and PayPal” - then pay through the cart.

What are the ways to withdraw profits for the instructor?

The instructor can withdraw profits through the following methods: PayPal, Pioneer, and direct bank transfer after setting his details via payment settings. you will be notified via emails and site notification.

Can anyone be an instructor on CourseTac?

Yes, there are no conditions in that. Anyone who finds himself proficient and creative in any field and can learn others can upload his course on the platform and our team will review the content and confirm it before publishing it.

Is there a certificate for each course?

Yes, Coursetac offers accredited certificates in all fields, and you can obtain them after passing the exam for the course itself.

How I can use the site as an instructor?

You can visit this video link for details

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